Swiss government defines measures for a sustainable financial centre


On 16 December 2022, the Swiss Federal Council adopted the report for a sustainable financial centre. With 15 measures for the years 2022 to 2025, the Swiss financial centre should further expand its position as one of the world's leading locations for sustainable finance.

Sustainability forms one of the pillars of the Swiss financial market strategy that the Swiss government adopted in December 2020. By playing a pioneering role in the area of sustainable finance, Switzerland as a financial centre can strengthen its competitiveness and at the same time contribute to achieving the UN's sustainability goals. In its report "Sustainable Finance Switzerland - Fields of action 2022-2025 for a leading sustainable financial centre", the Federal Council sets out, on the basis of 15 measures, how Switzerland can further expand its position as one of the world's leading locations for sustainable finance. For international competitiveness, it is essential that the Swiss financial centre also stands out in the area of sustainable finance through high credibility and the prevention of greenwashing.

What is needed is more and better sustainability data from the economy as a whole, for example by disclosing data on climate compatibility. Transparency in the financial sector should generally be increased, for example by financial institutions applying the recently introduced Swiss Climate Scores or joining international net-zero alliances. The Federal Council recommends that financial institutions and pension funds show on their websites to what extent their dialogues with invested companies and the exercise of their share voting rights are compatible with sustainability goals that they voluntarily support.

In addition, the Swiss Federal Council wants to promote investments that achieve a positive and measurable, social and/or environmental impact in addition to a financial return. It also wants to help shape the transition to a sustainable economy in international bodies and, for example, support initiatives for a global CO2 price.

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