Zurich is the backbone of the Swiss financial centre

Around 100,000 people work in the financial sector in Zurich. (photo istock)


The real gross value added of the financial sector developed more dynamically overall than that of the economy as a whole between 2011 and 2021, especially also in the pandemic years 2020 and 2021. This is shown in the new study "Financial Center Zurich 2023/2024" by the Division of Business and Economic Development of the Canton Zurich and the Urban Development Department of the City of Zurich. 

With a gross value added of CHF 29.9 billion and 97,300 full-time jobs, the Zurich financial center is a major pillar of the Zurich economy and the largest financial center in Switzerland. Sustainable business practices are becoming increasingly important for companies in all sectors. Drivers for this are international sustainability goals, but also changing customer needs. Due to its importance for the Swiss financial center, the Zurich financial center has a key role to play in this development. Every second financial company also sees sustainable finance as an opportunity to strengthen its reputation and to win and retain customers. This is shown in the new study “Financial Center Zurich 2023/2024” by the Cantonal Division of Business and Economic Development and Zurich Urban Development.

The financial sector, which includes banks, insurance companies and other financial services, is one of the most important industry aggregates in the Zurich region. One in ten jobs and one in six value-added francs would be attributable to the financial sector in 2021.


Key role for the Zurich financial center

Sustainable management is increasingly becoming the focus of companies. Drivers of this development include the Paris climate targets, the UN sustainability goals, legal framework conditions, but also changing customer needs. Sustainable financial products and services are increasingly in demand. The Federal Council has recognized the importance and potential of sustainable finance and in December defined several measures with the aim of further expanding the position of the Swiss financial center as one of the world's leading locations for sustainable financial services. The Zurich financial center plays a key role due to its importance for the Swiss financial center.


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