The Swiss private insurers’ strong international focus



Private insurers with based or headquartered in Switzerland received a total of almost 226 billion Swiss francs in premiums in 2021. Many of the country’s major insurance companies have a strong international focus: around three-quarters of premiums were generated abroad. The Swiss Insurance Association (SIA) has just published the latest facts and figures. The category «facts & figures» contains key data on the Swiss private insurance industry: Current figures on value added, market shares, premium volumes and many other metrics of the Swiss insurance market. Most data have been provided by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority Finma.

The Swiss private insurers are major employers, significant taxpayers and among the most important investors both in Switzerland and abroad. They assume and cover companies’ and private individuals’ financial risks. Therefore, insurance companies are an important mainspring of the Swiss economy. 

The Swiss insurance market comprises five branches: life insurers, non-life insurers, supplementary health insurers, reinsurers and captives. Non-life insurers make up what is by far the largest branch in terms of number.


Facts and figures | SIA (