Zurich, Geneva and Lugano among the world’s most innovative financial centres

Smart centre index


In the third edition of the Smart Centres Index by the London-based think tank Z/Yen, three Swiss cities were ranked in the top 15 of the most innovative financial centres in the world.

The index measures how well centres and their regulatory systems are set up to attract innovation and growth in science, technology, energy systems, machine learning, distributed ledger technologies and fintech.

For the third edition of the Smart Centres Index, 131 commercial and financial centres were studied.

London ranks first in the index, followed by New York in second place. Oxford, Stockholm, Hong Kong and Cambridge overtook Singapore, which fell from third to seventh place.


Switzerland: leading fintech location

Three Swiss cities are represented in the world's top 15: Zurich in 9th place, Geneva in 10th and Lugano in 13th. This underlines the ambition of the Swiss government to position Switzerland as a leading fintech location with the best framework conditions.


Read the full report on Smart Centres Index: SCI_3_Full_Report_2021.06.16_v1.0.pdf (longfinance.net)

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