Updated figures on the Swiss Financial Centre

The financial sector accounted for 8.9 percent of Swiss GDP in 2022.



Sustainable investments and the business volume of Fintechs in Switzerland are growing. This is shown by the new, annually updated key figures on Switzerland as a financial centre. The financial sector (banks and insurance companies) accounted for 8.9 percent of Swiss GDP in 2022. The 239 banks and 195 insurance companies in Switzerland employ 218,000 people (in full-time equivalents). In the client custody accounts of the banks in Switzerland, there are securities holdings amounting to 6800 billion Swiss francs, 3239 billion of which are from abroad. The key figures also allow a look at previous years.


The cut-off date for most of the key figures is 31 March 2023. Accordingly, the list still includes four big banks according to the official statistics of the Swiss National Bank (parent banks and Swiss subsidiaries of UBS and CS).

More information: Swiss financial centre (admin.ch)