Swiss government decides on new financial market policy: Leading worldwide, rooted in Switzerland


On 4 December 2020 the Swiss government announced a new strategic direction for its financial market policy, reflecting a changing international environment and rapid pace of technological evolution. The Federal Council considers this update to financial market policy to be necessary for Switzerland to affirm its standing and meet its potential as one of the world's leading financial centres. It has identified concrete action points around three key concepts: "innovative", "interconnected" and "sustainable".

A strong financial centre is crucial for the Swiss economy, and Switzerland must continue to grow in strength as a competitive and attractive business location. For this growth potential to be realized, the traditional Swiss strengths of stability, security, and trust, on which a solid international reputation has been built, must be combined with an openness to new innovations including in Fintech and Sustainable Finance. It is the role of the Swiss authorities to create the best possible framework for this evolution.


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State Secretariat for international finance SIF

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