Pop up House of Switzerland in Stuttgart presents Sustainable Finance

Pop up House of Switzerland in Stuttgart


On 6 and 7 September, the topic of "Sustainability in the Financial Sector" comes to the "Pop-up House of Switzerland" in Stuttgart.

On 6 September from 6 to 8 p.m., the focus will be on German and Swiss green fintechs - as drivers of innovative and green finance.

The prominent and competent panel discussion entitled "Swiss and German Green Fintechs as Drivers of Innovative and Green Finance: Synergies, Potentials, Expertise" is organised by the University of Zurich, Stuttgart Financial and the Swiss Consulate General in Frankfurt.

On 7 September, also from 6 to 8 p.m., experts and prominent politicians will discuss with each other under the motto "Sustainability in the Financial Sector", organised by the Swiss State Secretariat for International Financial Matters at the Federal Department of Finance (FDF).

The panel on 7 September will include Stefan Flückiger, Deputy State Secretary for International Financial Matters at the Swiss Federal Department of Finance (FDF), Karsten Löffler, Chairman of the Sustainable Finance Advisory Council of the German Federal Government, and Kristina Jeromin, candidate for the Bundestag of the Green Party in Hesse.

Germany and Switzerland both have ambitious plans to become leaders in sustainable finance and to change the standards of the industry.


More information:

6. September, 18h00:

Schweizer und deutsche Green Fintechs als Treiber innovativer und grüner Finanzen: Synergien, Potentiale, Expertisen - House of Switzerland (so-schweiz.de)

7. September, 18h00:

Sustainable Finance: Nachhaltigkeit im Finanzsektor - House of Switzerland (so-schweiz.de)

Livestreams: House of Switzerland - YouTube

For the first time, Switzerland is presenting itself with a "Pop-up House of Switzerland" in neighbouring Germany: from 1 July to 31 October 2021, an area of almost 2000 square metres in the Firnhaberbau in Stuttgart's city centre will offer a place for direct encounters with Switzerland.