Opinion poll on banks in Switzerland in 2021

Opinion poll on banks in Switzerland in 2021


The attitude of the Swiss population towards banks in Switzerland is more positive than at any time in the last 20 years, according to the latest annual survey.

The proportion of people who have a positive or very positive image of Swiss banks is at a new high of 75%. Banks made an important contribution to improving their image with the COVID-19 credit programme, which was assessed almost exclusively positively. In 2021, the perception of the banks' activities in the area of ecology and sustainability has again increased significantly.

Internationally competitive Swiss banks

The Swiss feel that Swiss banks are well positioned internationally. However, competition is perceived as tough. For 40% of respondents, Swiss banks are seen as being as competitive as banks in other international financial centres, while 44% consider Swiss banks to be more competitive than their competitors abroad. Only 13% perceive the Swiss financial centre as less competitive than foreign financial centres.

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