Green Fintech Network’s international ambition at Point Zero Forum

The Green Fintech Network will also be present at the Point Zero Forum conference in Zurich from 1-3 July 2024. (Photo PZF)


As the Swiss Green Fintech Network celebrates its first anniversary, it’s high time to look back at what the association has achieved over the past twelve months and at the promising prospects and projects that lie ahead. A Green Fintech Value Chain Map will be launched at the Point Zero Forum in Zurich from 1-3 July 2024.

The session will be opened by the Honorary President of the Swiss Green Fintech Network (GFN) association, Stefan Flückiger, a seasoned Swiss diplomat specialized in international finance, sustainable finance and green fintech. A presentation held by the association’s President, Gerrit Sindermann on GFN’s achievements and impact reached during its inaugural year follows.


Launch of the Green Fintech Value Chain Map

The main focus of the session will, however, look ahead. The focus will be on how the Swiss green fintech ecosystem can drive the global sustainable finance agenda forward, notably thanks to the Swiss Climate Scores. Participants will discuss the practical challenges facing the industry, present some successful collaborations between Swiss green fintechs and financial institutions, and compare the Swiss ecosystem with other international hubs. The event will also feature the launch of the Green Fintech Value Chain Map, which shows how Swiss startups are addressing the different steps of the sustainable finance value chain.


Join the growing group of companies & academic institutions

The Green Fintech Network started off as a working group initiated by the State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) back in 2020. A green fintech action plan ensued the following year. To speed up progress in this important area, GFN association was established a year ago, on June 26, 2023.

Today, GFN is composed of a myriad of different players who are part of the vibrant and rapidly growing Swiss green fintech ecosystem. The green fintech startup Inyova, the financial data provider SIX, the University of Zurich, the bank UBS are just some of the association’s members that actively collaborate to reach their common goal: to boost Switzerland’s green digital finance ecosystem and drive the country's goal to achieve a global leadership role in sustainable finance.

GFN has set up several goals and milestones for the coming year. The Round Table at the Point Zero Forum aims to inspire more companies or academic institutions to become part of GFN's vibrant community.

Point Zero Forum

This annual forum is a joint initiative organized by the State Secretariat for International Finance (SIF) and Elevandi, a non-profit organization set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Roughly 2,000 investors, finance industry leaders, policy makers, central bankers and regulators, are expected to attend the third annual Point Zero Forum held between July 1-3, 2024.


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