Green financial centers: Geneva and Zurich in Top 5

Switzerland is the only country with two financial centres in the Top 5 of the Green Finance Index (foto GGFI)


The Swiss financial centres of Geneva and Zurich are among the world's best locations for sustainable finance. This is according to the latest ranking of the Green Global Finance Index (GGFI).


In the twelfth edition of the renowned global GGFI ranking, Geneva and Zurich have improved significantly and are now ranked third and fourth, behind London and New York but ahead of all EU and Asian financial centres.

The GGFI is a factor assessment index, based on a range of instrumental factors - quantitative measures - and a worldwide survey of finance professionals’ assessments on the quality and depth of green finance offerings in financial centres.

The centres which perform well in the GGFI are generally places that commit to environmental improvements across the economy as well as directly in finance. Centres such as London, New York, and Geneva have a commitment to providing sustainable economic development and to building their skill base and green infrastructure.

Policy & Regulatory Frameworks continue to be identified as the leading driver in the development of green finance, alongside International Initiatives. In the lead up to COP 28 in Dubai, this continues to highlight the importance of transnational cooperation and policy to set the framework for green finance to thrive.


Switzerland’s high ambition

The two leading financial centres, London and New York, have lost points in their rating, but are still at the top of the GGFI index. The two Swiss financial centres have improved strongly, both in the rating and in the ranking (Geneva +1, Zurich +9). This recognises the efforts of both the industry and the authorities to make Switzerland one of the leading financial centres for sustainable finance.

More information: GGFI_12_Report_2023.10.26_v1.pdf (