A Day in the Life – The new video series on finance.swiss


Switzerland is home to one of the world's leading financial centres. Every day, over 200,000 qualified employees ensure that secure, innovative and sustainable financial services are provided to domestic and international clients. In the new finance.swiss video series, employees of the financial centre talk about their fascinating day-to-day work.

Sofia Kyriakopoulou from Swiss Re

In the third 2-minute video of the series "A Day in the Life", Sofia Kyriakopoulou, electrical engineer and computer scientist, talks about her daily work as head of Swiss Re Institute InfoTech in Zurich. She says: “Our mission is to design, to build and to operate the technology we need in order to excel in underwriting.” Swiss Re, founded in 1863, is one of the world’s leading reinsurance providers. Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, Swiss Re has operations across the globe.


Julie Tomka from the State Secretariat for international finance SIF

In the second 2-minute video of the series "A Day in the Life", Julie Tomka from SIF talks about her daily work at a financial market authority in Berne. She says: “I always try to remember what does the financial sector bring to the economy and how does that fit with our values.” The State Secretariat is committed to creating good framework conditions so that Switzerland has an innovative, networked and sustainable financial and business location that is among the world leaders.


Start with Tillmann Lang from the Fintech Inyova

In the first 2-minute video of the series "A Day in the Life", Tillmann Lang from Inyova talks about his daily work in impact investing. He says: “There is no such thing as a typical day at Inyova. We are constantly doing new things.”  Inyova in Zurich is one of over 350 fintech companies in Switzerland that offers innovative and sustainable financial services with digital technology. Switzerland as a location offers these companies the best conditions for their activities.

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